Tree Trimming Service: There are a few different ways to remove trees, but method depends on the space you have available for debris, where other objects may be located such as nearby buildings or people, and how healthy or big the tree currently is.

When climbing is not a viable option, tree se...

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Are you looking for a tree service in Winchester, VA?

TreeCareHQ Winchester is the best company to call when it comes to tree trimming, removal and stump grinding. We offer quality work at affordable prices. Our team of professionals are always on time and will leave your property cleaner than t...

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Tree Removal Service: As trees have some benefits for other living creatures, such as habitat and oxygen production, it's important to know when a tree is potentially dangerous. Learn how to spot any dangers and what action you should take here.

A tree on your property might become diseased du...

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Tree Cutting Service: Planting a tree in your backyard can do more than improve the aesthetics of your property. It's also important for sustainability, especially when technology and industrialization might cause trees to be removed or life threatening. Tree removal is a challenging task but tha...

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Tree Trimming Near Me: If you’ve looked at trees in the course of your travels and thought that they just grew like that, then it might be time for a reality check. A skilled tree pruner designs their crown and branch structure through years of careful shaping, which is applied to all tall, healt...

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Tree Trimming Winchester VA: Unfortunately many homeowners who have mature trees around their property think they don't need to care for them. Many others make mistakes when planting trees on their properties which can detrimental.

When planting trees, it's important to ensure that they're nat...

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Tree Trimming: Most trees look like a coat rack, have no leaves in the middle, or are shaped odd from an untrained eye. Most of the time this is due to improper pruning practices that can damage and even kill the tree.

Trees like the ones you’ve probably passed on numerous occasions can seem t...

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Tree Removal Near Me: You might be unaware of some small actions that can hurt your tree big time. It's important that you find out what is bad for trees now so you can make the best decisions later.

Girdling, a term for cutting bark, is something that kills trees. When the flow of nutrients f...

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Tree Removal Winchester VA: Moving a tree takes much more time compared to your typical tree care efforts.

When transplanting a tree, it is important to understand that the roots are doing many different jobs. Transplanting trees with intact roots can be tough because they play an integral rol...

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4 weeks ago
I requested a tree removal estimate from TreeCareHQ Winchester and had two quotes within 24 hours. The crew that I hired took the tree down in short order and left some of the woodchips for me to use as mulch. I recommended them to my neighbors as well.
- Nora M

Got Tree Service Near Me in Winchester?

Tree care is an important service for homeowners. Trees provide shade, beauty, and can offer some protection from the elements. However, they also pose a safety hazard if not cared for properly. If you are looking to hire tree services in Winchester VA, contact TreeCareHQ today!

The Best Tree Services Serving Winchester Virginia and Surrounding Areas

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Felling
  • Tree Trimming & Pruning
  • Stump Grinding
  • Land Clearing
  • Storm Cleanup
  • Arborist Tree Care

Tree Trimming Services

If you're searching for "tree trimming near me" to find a great company for tree work in Winchester Virginia and the surrounding areas, you don't have to settle for the first business you find online. The tree experts at TreeCareHQ Winchester are here to help you find local tree services and get free estimates for any job you need done.

Tree trimming is an extremely common service that should be done regularly to keep trees looking their best. Certified arborists will inspect and check for any reasons to be concerned about the health of the trees on your property. We can connect you with local tree experts to provide you with quality work, great service, and up to 3 free estimates in a timely manner.

Tree Removal Services

We offer the widest variety of tree care options in Winchester Virginia, making it easy to get free estimates from an efficient crew for any job. When it comes to choosing a tree service company, we make your decision simpler so you can spend less time looking at quotes and more time on what really matters in life.

When you're searching for "tree removal near me", you'll get matched with an extremely knowledgeable and reliable service when you trust one of our contractors with a job to have your trees removed or cleaned up from storm damage.

How Much Does Felling and Removing Cost?

On average, prices for cutting down or removing a tree in Winchester VA ranges from $300 to $2,200. Read on for information about how that varies depending on factors such as size of the tree, species, its condition, location, skill-level needed to safely fell it, and more.

Factors Affecting Cost and Pricing of Tree Services

Free estimates are often provided by tree service contractors and will depend on the many factors like:

Size of the Tree (Height & Trunk Diameter) – Tree size plays a significant role in determining how much its removal will cost. Industry standards put average pricing in the following range:

  • Small Tree (up to 25 feet tall): $350
  • Medium Tree (25 – 50 feet tall): $350–$850
  • Large Tree (50 – 100 feet tall): $850–$1,500
  • Very Large Trees (100 feet tall or greater): $1,500+

Stump Grinding & Removal Services

When you get your initial quote, make sure to ask if the free estimate includes stump grinding as well. Most companies that provide competitive rates consider it to be part of a tree removal job — others may charge extra.

Using specialized equipment, professional tree cutting companies in Winchester VA pulverize the stump and remove the pieces, leaving on the deep roots from the trees on your property.

Land Clearing Services

If you're planning on using the space cleared by removing trees in a specific way, you should ask about land clearing as well. Lot clearing are tree services that may include removal, but also clears everything — brush, smaller trees, etc. — off a specified area of the property to prepare it for residential or commercial development.

Contact our customer care hotline today to request a free estimate from a certified arborist and/or tree experts near you in:

  • Winchester, VA 22601
  • Winchester, VA 22603
  • College Park, VA 22602
  • Stephens City, VA 22655
  • Stephenson, VA 22656

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